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Oklahoma Revisited

Oklahoma Revisited

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Oklahoma. A place of endless contradictions, ironies and contrasts. Its early families, for the most part, were drawn from within the United States – most of Oklahoma’s 38 Indian tribes were forced here from somewhere else. Scots-Irish moved from the highland South and Appalachia, German farmers from the central plains and Midwest, oilmen from western Pennsylvania, former slaves before and after emancipation. If America is a nation of immigrants, Oklahoma is a state of migrants.

In more than 300 photographs, taken from July 2006 to August 2007, Oklahoma Revisited captures a state in centennial. Looking back, thinking ahead, pausing so we don’t miss it, but never standing still. The photographer behind the photos is former Tulsa World Staff Photographer Kelly Kerr. Two of his images made Oklahoma Today magazine’s list of the top 46 photos since statehood. Tulsa World Staff Writer Randy Krehbiel wrote the stories behind the photos. He covers politics for the Tulsa World. He began his World career as a sportswriter in 1979.

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